Best. Beach. Food. Period.

There are few pleasures in life as simple and perfect as hitting the beach at 10 am and not leaving. Not leaving to cook, not leaving to wash clothes, not leaving to go out to eat. Not leaving even when the sun goes down.

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Breakfast Places To Go

My husband is a breakfast person. His father is the quintessential breakfast person (so my husband got it honest). Eggs, biscuits and gravy, maybe a pancake and some bacon? But when I'm at the beach, literally the last thing I really want to do is spend 3 hours in the...

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Bavarian Beer Cheese Pretzel

The most wonderful excuse for drinking a decent dunkel: A bavarian beer cheese pretzel: huge and soft – served nice and hot out of the oven – with a generous helping of their beer cheese: prepared brie, cream cheese, butter, onions,

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I've been vacationing at some beach on the Panhandle my entire life - some of my earliest, my precious memories are sitting on the white sands, staring out at the Gulf. Over forty some odd years, not much has changed in that regard. I still love nothing more than...

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Clareon by the Coast

This is our dear friends' new vacation rental, Clareon by the Coast, in Seacrest. Stan and I love this place - the location is awesome (easy to get to all things 30A, and 200 steps to the beach), the house is gorgeous and it's where we stay (if it's available) when...

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Places we like to eat

[al2fb_like_button][al2fb_likers] 30-A Area: 1. Rosemary Beach: Summer Kitchen @ Rosemary is great for breakfast and dinner - - my 2nd favorite breakfast place - and fairly affordable  - I always...

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